Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Greatness is Natalia Kills' Only Problem

Natalia Kills rose to fame in 2011 with her underrated debut album Perfectionist. The album mixed pop, rock and dance to form a darker version of Lady Gaga. "Mirrors," "Break You Hard" and "Kill My Boyfriend" all mixed her "dark-pop" with a rock swag and dark lyrics about love gone wrong and sex.
In September 2012 Kills announced her sophomore album Trouble. She released her first single "Controversy," a dark and fast dance song with dark lyrics ("drink the Kool Aid/ don't drink Kool Aid). That song was catchy but nothing near as great as Kills' debut.
Then Kills announced the second single off of the album "Problem." The song, released this week, contains a rock riff and a dance vibe that is sure to get bad girls across the globe moving. The song is a sexy, attitude filled number that has Kills professing how much trouble she is. "That girl is a problem," Kills sings during the chorus.
The song is a good start for the new album and it is surely going to be the cause of many a riot until Trouble is released this year.

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