Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tonight Alive Release Great Single

Tonight Alive have had a short rise to fame. In 2010 they released their phenomenal debut EP All Shapes And Disguises and then another EP Consider This just months later. Both releases had strong tracks and showcased the band's energetic and emotional pop-punk in the vein of Paramore. The band released their debut album What Are You So Scared Of? in October of 2011 and February 2012 in the U.S. The album featured more of Tonight Alive's uplifting and rocking sound as well as a guest appearance by Blink 182 vocalist Mark Hoppus on a rerecorded version of "Thank You & Goodnight" from their second EP. The album had everything from fast-paced love songs ("Starlight," "Safe and Sound"), songs about struggling with life ("Breaking & Entering," "Let it Land") and one achingly sad and gorgeous ballad dedicated to a deceased friend ("Amelia"). The album cemented the band spots touring with everybody from The Word Alive to The Summer Set and made them Warped Tour darlings playing the 2012 tour and getting scheduled to play the 2013 tour.
The band released an acoustic version of their debut during the summer in 2012 and then they announced the recording of a new album. Then in February 2013 the band announced their new single "Breakdown" which would be released the next month. The song features vocals from Good Charlotte singer Benji Madden. The band said that the song only to tide fans over until the new album comes out this year sometime.
"Breakdown" is a great example of what make Tonight Alive songs so irresistible. The song, which features lyrics about a long distance relationship, is very catchy. Singer Jenna McDougall's voice is perfect and she conveys the emotion very well. And that is the key word with most Tonight Alive songs, emotion. McDougall always gets her point across vocally. She is one of those singers that makes the listener feel something. You really can feel where she is coming from on her songs.
By the time Madden's vocals kick in during the bridge of the song, the listener is sold. While it is kind of creepy that McDougall is always paired with a duet partner older than her, she still makes the song. Madden is 34 and Hoppus is 40 while McDougall is in her 20s.
The song is sure to keep fans busy while Tonight Alive record and release their next pop-punk masterpiece. This band are on their way to a long career.

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