Thursday, March 7, 2013

Kate Nash keeps getting better

Kate Nash rose to fame in 2007 when her debut album Made of Bricks was released. The album featured quirky lyrics and an indie pop sound that was original and really made Nash stick out. Weird songs like "Birds," "Shit Song" and "Mouthwash" made Nash and indie darling one of that year's breakout stars.
Then in 2010 Nash followed up with her wishy washy My Best Friends is You. The album features her best song ever "Do-Wah-Doo" as well as other highlights like "Paris" and "I Just Love You More." The album had some amazing songs but they were filled in with some truly bad  songs.
Last year Nash released her EP Death Proof. The EP featured two good songs and the rest were just there. The great songs "Fri-End" and the title track are featured on Nash's new album Girl Talk.
Girl Talk is a great album. It follows along the indie pop/rock sound Nash is known for. There are a few songs that are silly but for the most part the songs are all solid.
The album starts out with the six best songs on the album ."Part Heart," "Fri-End," "Death Proof," "Are You There Sweetheart," "Sister," and "OMyGod!" are all classic Nash. Energetic, emotional songs that are catchy and rock hard. Other amazing songs are include "Rap for Rejection" and "Lullaby for an Insomniac," the later starting out slow and then bringing the album to an epic close.
There are some songs that are kind of silly. "Oh" which features Siobhan Malhotra is a long and sometimes boring song and the single "3AM" is lackluster at best. The other songs are all amazing and stand out. Where on My Best Friend is You, there were more filler tracks, Girl Talk is straight up great songs.

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