Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Colette Carr releases third stellar EP

Collette Carr shot to fame when she released her mixtape Sex Sells Stay Tooned in 2010 and began to release singles like 2011's Keane sampling "(We Do It) Primo" and "Sex" which features shitty rap group New Boyz.
Then in 2012 Carr announced she'd release her debut album Skitszo in 4 song EP increments, much like Robyn did with her classic Body Talk. The first was a classic and featured great tracks like "Killswitch" and the single "F16." The second was less thrilling but was still great.
This week Carr released part 3 of the Skitszo album. The EP starts off with a bang on "Can't Touch This" which features E-40. The song is Carr's classic white girl rap. While Carr isn't really a good rapper, she is fun to listen to and each song entertains. The song is a great way to start off this release and with the next song Carr delivers what is sure to be one of Skitszo's best songs "Never Gonna Happen." The song is a sad pop/rap song with a pinch of rock elements thrown in. "You hang up/I call back/ I think that/ it's never gonna happen," Carr sings in the chorus. The song, like "F16" shows a more emotional side of Carr. As emotional as a white female rapper can get. The next song is a funky and weird one. "One By One" has a funky guitar filled beat. "Don't stop till we take 'em out/do it one by one," Carr sings. The EP ends on a silly note with "The Finest Things." The song is a hip hop ode to the finer things in life and living the good life. Carr says that she has no time for people who don't enjoy the finest things.
Collette Carr is showing that she is more than just a silly white girl trying to be Ke$ha. With one more EP coming out in May before Skitszo gets it's full release in July with four new songs as well as all the songs from parts one to four, Carr is sure to deliver more fun songs. Especially with the rumored Porcelain Black collaboration due on Skitszo, the party is just beginning.

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