Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Justin Timberlake Comes Back With A Bang

It's hard to believe that Justin Timberlake went from boy bander to solo star. 'N Sync, the singer's former band broke up in 2002 and then later that year Timberlake released his solo debut Justified. The album featured a new R&B/hip hop sound that was nothing short of sexy. Timberlake went from cute boy band singer to sexy solo singer in a matter of months and while the album wasn't perfect, it was a great record. It featured his best song and one of his biggest hits "Cry Me A River." The breakup jam was aimed at his ex Britney Spears and showed a new side of the singer. The album featured production by Timbaland and The Neptunes and showcased the singer's falsetto voice.
In 2006 Timberlake released his sophomore album FutureSex/LoveSounds. The album stayed with the same style but Timbaland played a bigger part in the production. The album featured huge hits like "SexyBack," "What Goes Around...Comes Around" and one of his best songs "LoveStoned." The single featured an R&B beat and then went into an experimental rock outro. The album was more experimental and showed Timberlake could be a real artist.
Then the singer took a break from his music to focus on acting. Until January 2012 when Timberlake released his first new single since 2007. "Suit & Tie," which is simply ridiculous is produced by Timbaland and features Jay-Z. Yet those three together came up with a terrible first single. So terrible that it seemed as though Timberlake's new album was to be a mistake.
Then in February Timberlake released the second single and album highlight "Mirrors." The song redeemed Timberlake and does the rest of the album. The 20/20 Experience has a more neo-soul style and contains lyrics about wooing a lover. The triumphant return of Timberlake is risky. The songs are mostly over seven minutes long, yet they work. Songs like "Pusher Love Girl" and "Don't Hold the Wall" showcase classic Timbaland beats and Timberlake showing us that he isn't done yet.
The album's songs are sexy and experimental, not as experimental as his last record, but still experimental. Some highlights include "Tunnel Vision" and "Don't Hold the Wall." These songs are all about his marriage to Jessica Biel. There are no bad songs with the exception of "Suit & Tie."
The album closes with the two best songs, "Mirrors" and "Blue Ocean Floor." The latter is a gorgeous ballad that is experimental and soulful.
This album, while not perfect, shows that Timberlake is back and he's here to stay and with another album due out in November, he is showing no signs of slowing down.

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