Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Escape The Fate Continue to Wow

Escape The Fate released their stellar first single off of their upcoming fourth studio album Ungrateful. The single and title track came out in February and showcased a more heavy metalcore sound. The shift to a harder sound was a welcome change and showed that the band could go heavier.
The song was a great evolution yet on their next single "You're Insane," was a throwback to their previous albums. The single is a heavy metal/hard rock song with elements of hardcore music. Front man Craig Mabbitt sings for most of the song with screams thrown in.
The song is an aggressive, catchy track that has a certain spark that is lacking on most of the band's songs. The band each show off their talent and Mabbitt gives a perfect vocal performance. Mabbitt is one of the things that makes Escape The Fate work. His clean vocals are both smooth, yet they have a certain rock and roll roughness that makes the songs work.
The band have some added double bass in addition to a sick guitar solo to add some heaviness to the track. This single, in addition to "Ungrateful" are sure to get fans excited for the new album. Ungrateful is set for release on May 14.

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