Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Paramore Release Their Best Album

Paramore have always released classic albums and with their self-titled fourth album Hayley Williams and co. really outdo themselves. The songs have a different sound than their previous albums and with songs written about moving on from the past, Paramore is an album full of hope and experimentation.
After rumors of a split in late 2010 when two founding members left the band, Paramore decided to do that they do best. What they do best is write catchy rock music packed with emotion. From the album's opener, and not to mention the best song on this record, "Fast in My Car" to the last song, the seven minute long "Future," the band have written their best collection of songs yet.
While traces of their previous, pop-punk/emo sound can be heard on songs such as "Be Alone" and "Part II,' the band experiment on other songs. From the funky touches of "Ain't It Fun" to the Taylor Swiftesque "Hate to See Your Heart Break," the band show no signs of stopping.
"Part II" is an 80s new wave inspired sequel to "Let the Flames Begin" off of their sophomore album Riot!. Other highlights include the second single "Still Into You" which sounds like Katy Perry with a rock edge and "Anklebiters" which has a more punk sound.
The lyrics are another reason to love this album. Williams has clearly used writing songs to help her work through the departure of Zac and Josh Farro in 2010. "I could be angry, but you're not worth the fight/ Besides I'm moving on," Williams sings on "Interlude: Moving On."
Paramore have cemented their spot in rock music history as survivors. Their fourth album shows that the band aren't going anywhere and that they can pull of any kind of music.

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