Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Killswitch Engage Get Back To Basics On New Album

In 2012 metalcore titans Killswitch Engage reunited with former front man Jesse Leach after parting ways with former singer Howard Jones. Leach was singer in the beginning years of the band, singing on their first two records. Then in 2004 Jones joined the group and helping to sculpt the classic metalcore sound that the band is known for.
After the bands formulaic self-titled fifth album the band took a break from recording. Then four years later the band released their sixth album, and first album to feature Leach in 11 years.
The album was preceded by the single "In Due Time." The sound of the record is very classic Killswitch Engage. Clean vocals mixed in with harsh screaming heavy guitar and double bass drum filled instrumentation. The songs contain a passion that have been missing from their newer music since 2006. Songs like "The Call" and "The New Awakening" sound both aggressive and melodic. Not to mention the catchy choruses that metalcore is known for. "A Tribute to the Fallen" is a prime example of this. The album's best song, it has aggressive verses and an addictively sung chorus.
While some of the songs tend to blend together, this is metalcore at it's finest. This album is everything that All That Remains' latest album tried to be.
Killswitch Engage show known signs of stopping and if this album is proof, they'll keep making great albums for a long time to come.

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