Thursday, April 11, 2013

Selena Gomez Grows Up

Disney Starlet Selena Gomez has had quite the career. With countless television shows and films, not to mention three albums with her backing band The Scene, Gomez has had much success. In 2012 she announced that her band was going on hiatus and that they would get back together in 2013. Then in 2013 Gomez announced that she would be going solo for her next album which she stated is inspired by Skrillex and Taylor Swift.
The first single "Come & Get It" was released this week and shows a mature side of her. The dubstep/electropop song which features some world music influences is a sexy anthem about not being over an ex and giving him permission to "come and get it."
While the song is sure to be judged as being aimed at ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, but Gomez said it isn't. While Gomez didn't write the song it seems to be relatable to their relationship. "This love will be the death of me/ But I know I'll die happily," Gomez coos in the bridge.
While Gomez has never been the greatest vocalist, her vocals sound smooth here and add to the song. Despite the song being catchy, it isn't as memorable as Gomez's previous singles such as "Tell Me Something I Don't Know" or "Love You Like A Love Song." The song is a great preview of Gomez's debut solo album. Hopefully the rest of her record is as experimental as this song is. That is the appeal of this song, experimentation. Not to mention the fact that it's a fun, relatable club jam. Gomez's album is due out in the summer.

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