Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fall Out Boy Back With A Vengence

Fall Out Boy came back from their hiatus with their fifth album Save Rock and Roll. The album followed their 2008 opus Folie à Deux. The album featured guest appearances by Blondie singer Debbie Harry, William Beckett and Lil' Wayne and went between genres. Then in 2009 the band went on hiatus.
This album may not be perfect, but it shows that Fall Out Boy need to be here. Fall Out Boy just can't say away from making music and this record is a testament of that. From the introductory track "The Phoenix" to the album closer and title track which features Elton John, the album has no bad songs. While some songs like "Alone Together" and "The Mighty Fall" which features rapper Big Sean may be a little boring, songs like "Where Did The Party Go" more than make up for them.
The album's highlights would have to be "Just One Yesterday" which features singer Foxes, "Rat a Tat" which features Courtney Love and the Robynesque "Miss Missing You." These songs all show what the band do best, make good music.
The lyrics are another thing that make the album so great. "I'm gonna change you/ Like a remix/ The I'll raise you/ Like a phoenix," front man Patrick Stump sings during the chorus of "The Phoenix." While most of the songs are about breakups and aging, they never get overdone.
This album is a great return for Fall Out Boy, here's hoping that they don't do any silly things like going on hiatus ever again.

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