Monday, April 1, 2013

Vanna Grow On New Album

Vanna have always been post-hardcore kings ever since they burst onto the scene in 2005 with their This Will Be Our Little Secret EP. The next year they released their EP The Search Party Never Came which became an instant classic. That followed by their debut album Curses.
While these EPs and album were great, not all of the songs were amazing. Despite constant lineup changes during their entire career, the band released their first album that was truly on the verge of greatness. A New Hope featured such Vanna classics as "Trashmouth" and "Safe to Say." And while all of the songs were good, only about half of the album stood out amongst the rest of the songs. This has always been Vanna's problem. While the band always write good songs, they tend to sound the same and it's the better ones that stick out. Then in 2010 the band released their The Honest Hearts EP. This was the first release with current unclean vocalist Davey Muise. The EP contained three new songs and two rerecorded tracks. All of these songs were great and showcased the passionate, heavy post-hardcore that Vanna are known for.
The band then released their And They Came Baring Bones album. The album was more metal and hardcore influenced and featured a heavier sound. Each release seemed to be growing towards this album. Then this year the band released their fourth studio album, The Few and the Far Between.
This album is Vanna's first perfect release. The album's 11 songs are all highlights. From the rockers "Year of the Rat" and "Casket Rhythm," to the band's softer side on songs like "Please Stay," there are no disappointing songs. This album, is the first release without clean vocalist and founding member Evan Pharmakis. Pharmakis' clean vocals were one of the things that highlighted Vanna's songs. However with the inclusion of new clean vocalist Joel Pastuszak is a good one.
The album's strongest song is the aforementioned "Please Stay." This song features no clean vocals from Pastuszak yet allows Muise's harsh vocals to get across the pain and yearning of the lyrics. The song is all about missing a lover while on tour. Vanna clearly have a lot of experience with that. The band have toured extensively for most of their career. The song features female clean vocals and shows that the band are clearly growing.
The songs also feature lyrics about a wider range of topics than previous albums. In addition to the lyrics of love gone wrong and life's struggles the lyrics also touch on religion, persevering and loneliness. 
This album is not only the best of Vanna's career, it is also one of the greatest albums of this year. This post-hardcore masterpiece won't be forgotten soon and is sure to be opening up pits until Vanna unveil their next aggressive opus.

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