Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Stars In Stereo Release Solid Debut

Pop-rocker Becca shot to fame in Japan in 2008 when her song "I'm Alive" from her debut album Alive!!! was featured in the anime Black Butler. She went on to release her debut in her homeland of the United States, but it went nowhere. Her blend of catchy rock influenced pop music went ignored and in 2012 she decided to join rock band Stars In Stereo.
Stars In Stereo began to record their debut album. With the band Becca toured with The Used, Blue October and Flyleaf. Then in October 2012 the band released an EP which was set to precede their self-titled debut. Last week Stars In Stereo released their debut album. Stars In Stereo is a pop-punk/hard rock hybrid that is one part Paramore and one part Halestorm. While Becca is no Hayley Williams or Lzzy Hale, she does a good job of navigating the rocking, synth-kissed anthems that are on this album. Becca shows that she can rock hard on songs like "Violence," "Dealing Secrets," and "Queen of Catastrophe." Each song is catchy and passionate and while they aren't as memorable as some of the songs by her peers, this is a good glimpse of the greatness that Becca and Stars In Stereo may come up with later on.
Slower songs like "Lie Down" and "Open Your Eyes" are also strong points of the album. While there are no bad songs, there aren't that many songs that stick out from the crowd or rowdy rockers. "At the Stroke of Midnight" and "Lie Down" are both highlights. These songs have a different spark than the rest.
While there are some problems with it, Stars In Stereo's debut is a solid, enjoyable release from a talented band. Hopefully they can keep up the momentum of this album and only get better with time.

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