Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Summer Set Make New Sound On New Album

The Summer Set's last album was pretty boring. Everything's Fine had a very acoustic sound and while there were some great songs, it wasn't as fun as their debut Love Like This. Their debut had a more pop-punk sound than their sophomore album. The band toured extensively and announced they were recording a new album.
In 2012 the band released the first single off of their third album, "Fuck You Over." The single was a synth-laced pop-punk jam with pop sensibilities and a rock swagger. Then in 2013 the band released two singles, the midtempo "Maybe Tonight" and the cheesy pop-rocker "Boomerang." "If I was Jay- Z/ You'd be my Beyoncé/ We could rock the nation like they do," front man Brian Dales sings during the chorus.
Last week The Summer Set released their third album Legendary. While this record isn't as good as their debut it's still a step in the right direction. The album blends the sounds of their first two albums to form a great blend of styles.
The album has some pop-rock inspired tunes. From "Lightening in a Bottle" and "Happy For You," the rockers on the album are fun and passionate. The Summer Set have never rocked that hard but they sure know how to make a fun pop-rock song. The emphasis is on the pop on this album. The songs sound like a combination of We The Kings mixed with a better version of Jonas Brothers and has it's male Taylor Swift moments.
The album's slower moments like "Heart on the Floor" which was written with pop singer Cady Groves and features Dia Frampton, are great. The band really show that they can do both fast and slower songs.
All in all Legendary is a great step in the right direction for the band. Here's hoping they don't blow it.

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