Thursday, April 4, 2013

Kelsey Chaos Releases Phenomenal EP

As vocalist for Kelsey and the Chaos, Kelsey Merritt was a pop-punk princess. Her band was on the rise with their music that sounded like Katy Perry fronting Paramore. In 2010 Kelsey left the Chaos to form her own solo project.
As Kelsey Chaos, she released a free EP of music on The Vans Warped Tour in 2011. Revolution Summer had three songs that were pure summer fun. "I'm Single" and "It's A Stick Up" off of that EP were released on iTunes the next year in addition to the killer single "In For the Kill." Then finally this week Kelsey released Out of This World, her first official EP
The songs on the EP feature a more clubby sound than her previous tunes. "In For the Kill" kicks off the album. With a dance-pop sound and some rock and roll swagger Kelsey tells a potential manstealer to back off her boyfriend. "Girl get your hands off my man/ You're in way over your head/ I'll make you wish you were dead," Kelsey sings during the chorus. The song is sure to be a classic and has a certain Ke$ha/Katy Perry vibe to it.
"A Shot in the Dark" is a raved out synthpop jam about falling in love at a club. Kelsey approaches the object of her affection with confidence and talks a mean game. "So come and dance with me," She sings. The song is catchy and is sure to get in people's heads for months to come. Kelsey's vocals are also killer on this, as well as the other songs.
The EP then goes into "Liar Liar." This song was written by Kelsey in addition to Chris Kirkpatrick of 'N Sync fame. The song has Kelsey going in on a lover who has done her wrong. Kelsey is unleashing her rage on this fun pop jam. "You know that love it never lasts/ But a song is forever," Kelsey warns during the bridge.
"Alien" has a more 80s inspired beat. The song isn't as catchy as the first three songs but it's still a fun listen.
The EP closes on a high note with "Feel Like Dancing." This song is a reggae inspired ode to dancing. This song is sure to be the soundtrack to many a summer day.
The EP is a move in the right direction for Kelsey and hopefully will gain her many fans to get her to a pop-star level.

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