Thursday, April 25, 2013

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Regain Their Glory On New Album

New York City indie rock trio Yeah Yeah Yeahs released their stellar debut album Fever to Tell almost ten years ago and after a good sophomore record Show Your Bones, the band released their third album It's Blitz! in 2009.
While Show Your Bones had a more stripped down sound which incorporated acoustic guitar in  many of the tracks, It's Blitz! had a pop/new wave sound that mixed in decently with their previous musical style. The album had a few great songs and the second single "Heads Will Roll" was even featured on Glee.
After a four year break and breakup rumors the band finally released their fourth album Mosquito. The album was preceded by the single "Sacrilege" which was better than any song off of their last album. The song is a gothic, indie rock song that features a gospel choir on the second half of th e song. There are plenty of other great songs to go with the first single, "Under the Earth" has a gothic sound that is similar to "Sacrilege." The song is classic Yeah Yeah Yeahs with a new twist. "12 tongues put a hex on you," front woman Karen O yelps. Another highlight is the album closer "Wedding Song." While the song is a sweet love song Karen O is singing to her husband. While this song is sure to get comparisons to "Maps," Yeah Yeah Yeahs signature and best song, it isn't anywhere near as emotional or well written.
"Despair" and "Buried Alive" which features Dr. Octagon are both evolutions of the band's signature sound, the latter bringing in hip hop influences. The best song on the album would have to be the title track. While it makes no sense, the song is irresistible. A ridiculous not to everybody's least favorite insect, "Mosquito" is a fun song that recalls the band's earlier work.
While no songs on the album are bad, there are a few that don't quite cut it. "Subway" is a great track but it's very boring and nothing seems to happen. Meanwhile "Slave" is just silly and "Always" is repetitive. Even though these songs aren't the best, they are still listenable.
Mosquito is proof that Yeah Yeah Yeahs are here to stay. Despite pitfalls they are a band who never release the same album twice. Their sound is constantly evolving and growing. Some bands who have been around for 13 years may start to phone in albums, but not Karen O and the boys. Yeah Yeah Yeahs are here to stay.

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